Sneaker Care: 5 Tips You Need to Know

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Sneaker Care: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Everyone is familiar with the low-level anxiety in keeping a brand-new pair of sneakers from getting scuffed or soiled. But whatever you do, those shoes will eventually get a few marks here and there.

To save you from this, we’ve compiled a few essential steps to make sure your kicks stay good as new past week one.

1. Let Capital take care of them 

Let’s start with the easiest one. For every shoe purchase you make at Capital, you get a coupon for a free shoe cleaning, for any pair you own. And we mean any pair, even those you didn’t buy from Capital.

These guys take care of everything including cleaning the midsole and laces. Of course, some shoes (like the Nike Flyknit, and the Adidas Primeknit and Boost) feature fabric that will eventually show signs of wear and tear. But as far as cleaning is concerned, Capital has got you covered.

And for added cleaning perks, the Capital membership club program (which you can join for free after a sneaker purchase) can get you 12 shoe cleaning coupons. Just earn 100 points, and you get all 12 coupons. That’s equal to one free shoe cleaning every month for an entire year. You can get more info on how to avail this here.

2. Protect them

Equip yourself with the right kind of shoe protection products, and you won’t have to keep dodging the elements when you unveil your new sneakers to the world.

Crep Protect and Jason Markk have amazing spray-on shoe protection products that keeps dirt and rain from ever touching your kicks. Honestly, the grime and water just slip right off.


3. Spot-clean them 

Forget the washing machine. Instead, get any loose dirt out by simply knocking your shoes together, grab a damp cloth and wipe away any marks. No fuss, no mess, no ruined shoes.

Also, remember that the right kind of cleaning product goes a long way. Capital has partnered with popular cleaning brand Clyde, and you can find their specialized cleaning products in any Capital branch. This brand is known for making all-natural solutions made from coconut and jojoba oils. No need to worry about harmful chemicals, bleach, and other toxic materials. Clyde products also protect your shoes from cracks, discoloration, and scuffs, regardless of the material.

Jason Markk also has a highly-recommended shoe cleaning solution that does the job well. Or you can grab their shoe cleaning kit, which comes with a solution and a cleaning brush. Finish it off with shoe wipes by Crep Protect and you’re good to go.

 4. Store them properly 

Don’t just put your sneakers in the shoe box and consider them protected. Make sure to store them with items that deodorize them and draw out moisture (and molds).

Crep Protect has a shoe pill that does just that. Just slip one pill in each shoe, and you can rest easy. Your sneakers (and your feet) will be ever so grateful for it.

You can also consider using shoe trees to help your sneakers retain their shape.

5. Don't forget the laces

Sometimes, clean laces can make all the difference especially with white sneakers. 

Soak your laces in warm water with washing detergent, or invest in a new pair. Not only do they add to the sheen of your sneakers: you can mix and match, and give your shoes an entirely new look.

All Crep Protect, Jason Markk, and Clyde products mentioned here are available at any Capital store.


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