VEJA and the growing Fashion Revolution

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 VEJA and the growing Fashion Revolution

What is Fashion Revolution? 

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that aims to get people to ask questions and find answers regarding the fashion industry. The movement calls for reforms and transparency in the often tightly-guarded world of fashion.

In the age of fast fashion, clothes are being produced at a rate previously impossible. With this instant availability and countless selection, fast fashion has also created tons of waste that have encumbered the environment. The pioneers of Fashion Revolution aim to get to the root of the problem and enact substantial change to the status quo.

However you might be asking, how can I be part of this international movement? Well Capital is proud to be carrying VEJA – a brand that is sincerely involved in efforts of Fashion Revolution.

Transparency, Fair-Trade and Organic Materials

VEJA is a brand that stands for transparency, fair-trade and organic materials. Every pair of sneakers VEJA makes is considerate of these three values. The brand believes in creating shoes that not only look good, but more importantly do good.

VEJA is believes in transparency as a way of holding them accountable for their processes and decisions. The brand keeps consumers in the know about specifics on the business. This includes fair-trade practices that seek to put the business and the producers on level playing-field where the latter is treated as an equal rather than a subordinate.

Lastly, VEJA espouses the importance of using organic materials in its products. By using organic materials, VEJA is able to deliver quality products while minimizing its footprint on the environment. 

How you can be part

The easiest way to participate in Fashion Revolution doesn’t involve making a purchase. Go to your closet and take a hard look at everything in it. Examine your past purchases and take note of where you got these items. Often times these were purchased in fast-fashion stores that don’t take into account the environment. Be more conscious shoppers next time you go shopping.

Pay attention and research about a company’s practices. By putting in the extra effort to know more about what you purchase, you ensure that your money goes to businesses that help in preserving and improving the conditions we live in.

At the end of the day, it’s important that we realize that even the tiniest act, when coupled with other tiny acts, creates a snowball effect that we humans can channel either towards good or bad ends.  

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