Epic React 1 vs Epic React 2: Which should you buy?

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Epic React 1 vs Epic React 2: Which should you buy?

Nike struck gold with the Epic React Flyknit. It was a sneaker that possessed everything you could ever ask for in a shoe. It was soft yet still responsive. It was springy but not too bouncy. It lasted for miles without a significant drop in comfort level. Add the fact that stretchable and breathable Flyknit was used on the upper and you have a sneaker that is perfect for any activity.

With this year’s release of the Epic React Flyknit 2, it’s gotten sneakerheads confused as to which edition to purchase. Should you go with what’s tried and tested? Or should you get what’s in and throw out the old?

We’re here to present the differences between these two wonderful pairs and hopefully help in your decision as to which sneaker to pull the trigger on. Let’s break it down so you can make an informed purchase.

Upper – This is it, Flyknit

Both the Epic React 1 and Epic React 2 feature Flyknit technology on the upper. The pinnacle of Nike upper’s, Flyknit is tough, durable and comfortable.

The treatment on the 1 and 2 is roughly the same. It’s stretchy, but still tightly-wound to support those sudden turns and the sheer force that is applied on your feet while you run.

There’s enough wiggle room and give on the upper to allow you to stretch your toes and let your feet breath.

Not much significant difference here. You can go for either if you’re basing your decision solely on the Flyknit upper.

Midsole and Outsole – Nike’s best just yet

React has become Nike’s darling as of late. Found on almost every sneaker category, Nike has gone full-blown React mania and we’re all for it. The Epic React Flyknit, both the 1 and 2, are the pinnacle of React cushioning in their running line.

As mentioned earlier, this sneaker is soft yet still responsive. You can feel the springiness of the cushion while still not being too bouncy.

And another important thing to note is its step-in comfort. With most shoes, the more you wear them, the less comfy they become. But with the Epic React, you get to experience the same step-in comfort, whether it’s Day 1 or Day 251.

But the only thing to cause concern here is the outsole. With the React foam directly exposed, high wear areas will show significant signs of wear that’s natural to the build of the sneaker.

Swoosh Branding – Bigger and Bolder

Here’s where the difference is quite apparent. On the Epic React 1, the Swoosh is glued to the sneaker. It’s the standard Nike Swoosh material found on almost every other sneaker from Nike.

On the Epic React 2, however, Nike decided to take it up a notch with a puffier Swoosh that’s stitched. Not only does this look good, but this also appears to be more durable compared to its predecessor.

If you’re the type of gal or guy who loves their Swoosh, the Epic React 2 is the better option thanks to its more emphasized Swoosh.

Heel Clip – Style and Substance

The heel clip on the Epic React 2 looks and feels sturdier than its predecessor. Nike went back to the lab and placed a plastic heel counter on this year’s model instead of the overlay used on the Epic React 1.

Aside from being this shiny piece of plastic, the heel counter offers more support for when you run, jump and train in these.

This wasn’t that much of an issue in the Epic React 1, but we do see where some people might have experienced issues with just the overlay in the heel clip.

The plastic heel clip is a welcome addition and something that significantly affects the shoe’s performance.

We hope that we made your decision a little easier with this article. You can still cop the Epic React 1 at discounted rates at select Capital stores. It’s still a fully functional sneaker that you’d love to have on your rotation.

But if you plan to run and lift weights in these, we strongly recommend picking up the Epic React 2. The slight change in heel clip offers substantial benefit to help you in your workouts. It might be that small, but the effects are definitely felt once it’s on feet.

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